Friday, February 6, 2015

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Depot Bay Oregon, Let There be Spouting Horns and Crashing Waves

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June 9, 2013.  Make note of the year, 13, not 15.  We are NOT in Oregon today.

Second stop of this fine day was Depot Bay.  We snagged a parking spot up the hill and walked down to the water front.  (Note:  Walking up was breath taking - - if you get my drift.)

The coastline, quaint homes up there, by the way.

And, here we find spouting horns.  It was a bit of a challenge capturing the action, they spout fairly quickly. Fascinating and so much fun to try to capture with Sony Too.

It has to do with lava tubes and the "pulse" of the sea. The plaque in this photo explains spouting horns.

The next 5 photos were all taken one after the other.  My attempt to have Sony Too capture the waves crashing over just one rock structure.  Posted in order that they were taken.  Taken in less than 2 minutes, from start to finish.

Next we drove over to Taft, just north of Lincoln City for lunch.


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