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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Somoa Cook House, Somoa California

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May 20, 2013 (Reminder, we visited last spring, almost 8 months ago).

It was suggested we have a lunch at the Somoa Cook House.  Suggestions for lunch are hard to ignore.

Somoa Cookhouse Circa 1893

This is the last lumber camp style cookhouse in operation in North America.  This cookhouse was originally opened as part of Somoa, one of the last company owned towns in the Untied States, established by the Vance Lumber Company.  The original building is the four left-most windows.  The major additions were made to house the kitchen staff.  Meals have been served here continuously for over 105 years.  Only employees were served here until the late 1960's when it was opened to the public by Johnny Fillman

Febraury 13, 1999
The Native Sons of the Golden West
Richard A Hoffmann, Grand President.

Lunch PLUS history, how's that for a win, win?

Meals served family style.  Man enjoyed his meal.  The food was good and he enjoyed the thought of sitting where many working men had before him.  If the food we had was anything akin to what the lumbermen were eating, they were eating some good meals.

Outside the main dining rooms there is a collection of artifacts. How many saws can you find? There is at least one in each photo.

A nice meal was had, we thank those that suggested the Somoa Cook House.  Next we will go find some sand dunes and the west coast.


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