Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Manatees of Apollo Beach Florida

Copyright 2014, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Apollo Beach is not far from where we are staying in Tampa, we heard about the Manatee there.  Of course, we had to go have a lookie see.

Please note, the water was not clear, it was rather murky and dark.  Shadows from the surrounding buildings (a power plant by the way), and ripples from the manatees moving and the wind kicking up made for difficult photo conditions.

NOTE:  due to those conditions, please be aware that just about every photo on this blog post was digitally edited, some of them heavily.  Auto correct, contrast and brightness were liberally applied.

All those little lumps, are manatee.  They look like so many boulders, all but submerged.

The blue streaks were some kind of odd reflection I suppose.

Lots of backs of manatee and one tummy.

Knowing very little about manatee, I was a bit surprised to see this one floating on its back.

I was fascinated.  Still on the bucket list, to see manatee in more clear water - -


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Fran Ellsworth said...

OOh.. what an adventure. Manatees visiting you on camera and not in the aquarium. Love the pictures.