Sunday, January 5, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Caught up in Climate Ride 2013

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Ya know how it is, you are moving along in your life, concentrating on what is going on and whammo, you find yourself suddenly in the midst of something you were not planning or or aware of.  It can be good, as it was this time.

Little did we know when we planned on our stop in Fortuna California that we would be present for the beginning of the Climate Ride 2013.  There were a lot of equipment trucks.  As the riders gathered for pre-take off meeting, signs of support appear.

Part of the group!

SOME of the bikes!

Yep, the ride is 320 miles!

This rider is after my heart, helmet camera mounted and ready!

At the start line, no horn, just a little bell.

We are ready!

This fellow says, recumbents work for me!

And, we are OFF!

Now, if you would be interested in reading about the actual ride, from some of the participants, visit this site and read the first entry.

After Man and I watched the takeoff, we went for a day trip of our own.  I took over 360 photos, so you just know it was a long and interesting day.  And, we better all figure on more than one post to cover it all, eh??  See ya soon - -


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