Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Lunch Time GeneaBlogger Meetup!

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Today Man and I had lunch with another GeneaBlogger, Charley, of Apple's Tree fame.  Charley, Frank (her Man), Man and I had a nice long visit.

Charley brought me a gift, ahhhh, you did not need to do that, but, he he, I do love it.  Charley must have thought I needed this after the last week of rants over medical insurance on Facebook!  LOL

She was correct, who doesn't need their very own dam-it-doll?

Hopefully I won't NEED the doll, but, in case - -

Enjoyed our lunch, thanks for meeting with us.  Hope we can do it again sometime.

(And thanks again for the doll.)



Apple said...

We had a good time! I hope the doll is a good replacement for not being able to slam down the phone! LOL

my Heritage Happens said...

How fun you both were able to meet and have lunch! Nice doll! I have one also, or should I say my husband does. He has only had it for about 10 months, I have yet to see him use it. I thought about using it a couple of times however! LOL