Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Daily Routines"

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This blog post  is part of my participation in a weekly writing meme called, "The Book of Me, Written By You"  You too can be part of this experiment/experience, there is information at this Facebook page.

I may or may not publicly share what I write each week. This week I share.

Week 22:  The prompt is - Daily Routine(s)

Do you have a daily routine?
Did your parents? Grandparents?
Why did they (or you ) have this routine?
Where did this routine take place?
Structure - Is this important to you? or your family?

Do I have a daily routine, well, yes and no.  I have pets (the fur kids, Gallagher and Captain Hook, two 15 year old yorkies with old age and health issues), so I have to feed and care for them on a regular schedule.  I have to have my German coffee (a mug full) first thing in the morning, a day that does not start with that specific coffee just never feels right. I have to take my meds and such, those are routine issues.

After the dogs, the coffee and the meds, well, my day may or may not be routine.  Many days are spent right here at the ole computer, working, blogging, researching, computer maintenance, visiting with friends on Facebook.  Man and I cherish our quiet mornings surfing and watching the morning shows on the telie.

Most evenings are spent quietly back at home, whether that is at the stick built or in Tana.  We prefer to not drive at night. Man surfs some, and spends some time watching something on the telie (this is when I bless the inventions of wireless headphones - - for him!).  I spend more time writing, researching, haunting Facebook and more computer stuff.  (Below, the stick built desk/kitchen office, and yep, there is a cup of coffee in my yorkie mug and a photo of a yorkie on the monitor.)

However, if we are in the travel mode, morning means drinking the mug of coffee while packing up Tana, moving down the hard road (my daddy always called it the hard road).  Or, maybe a day trip to a state or national park.  Maybe a lunch date with family and/or friends who live nearby (one of the true joys of our nomadic life style, lunch dates).

As far as the parents and grandparents, yes, I suppose they all had some kind of routine during the years that they worked or ran businesses.  I don't think those routines would be any different than those of all others working and raising families.  Hit the floor running, meals, shopping, laundry, cleaning when it can be fit in, work, work, and work, drop into bed at night.

Structure, is it important??  I believe when you have children that structure is important. Schedules, homework, meals on schedule if possible, good sleeping patterns.  I tried to maintain some structure when our sons were growing up.  Sometimes I was successful, other times - -

Structure in my life now, I suppose since we do seem to have a "routine", we do have "structure".  That said, Man and I seem to specialize in "change our plans, cause we can".  We rarely plan our RV trips, other than, say, hmmm, let's head south, maybe Texas, maybe Arizona, maybe Alabama. OK, we usually do have a destination in mind, but, the specifics are, as we say, written in dust or sea mist.  The specifics are apt to change, sometimes more than once in a day.

Routine, structure, at this point in my life both are made to be broken, and on a good day, the results will be comfort zone stretching, interesting, fun and maybe we will even learn something.


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