Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And, The Winner Is - -

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Back on January 9th I announced a contest here on Reflections.  I posted links to the blog/contest at several places on Facebook and several places on Google +.  The contest was also mentioned on a Google + hangout of the Legacy Virtual Users Group, of which I am one of the moderators.

Then, I sat back and waited.  There were a few entries.  Then, over on Facebook we got a discussion (more like a long running fun fest) going on my profile wall and a few more entries arrived.  One particular friend had me laughing out loud (that would be travelingdoggie, just for the record) with her entries.

For the record, six of the entrants are people of whom I aware from the blogging social media world, and two others are friends from the RVing world, friends I have actually had the pleasure of  meeting in person.

That makes no difference in this contest.  Really.  I wanted 50 words or less.  That actually eliminated a few of the entries.  One entrant had multiple entries.  There was nothing in my rules against that by the way, the contestant was spot on about that.  And, just for the record, I counted the words.  I did a actual count, I used Word Perfect to count.  (Word Perfect counts every word, even single letter words, such as "I".) On the entries that had over 50 words, I even manually removed the words that were 1 and 2 letters, leaving only words with 3 letters or more (which was how I learned to count words in a manuscript back in the dinosaur days).

Some of the entries were simple pleas, some had style and rhyme.  The creativity was impressive!

One entry was published with a bit of  hesitation by me, as it contained subtle advertising.  I have NO advertising on my blog and I have a clear statement forbidding it as a comment.  I broke my own cardinal rule by allowing it.  The entry had more than 50 words, quite a few more.

I wanted an entry that pulled at my heart strings.  Several did. But, I have to make a choice and believe me, this was a headache creating choice.

This has been fun.  I learned lots.  And, the winner IS:

Jodi Spade Roessler 

I'll contact you Jodi.  Congrats!

* Disclaimers, etc.  The Legacy web site is here.   More about Legacy webinars can be found here.  I won this copy in a drawing during the live webinar presentation.  I am giving it away, it is my free will decision to do so.  Legacy has NOT asked me to do this, but, they are aware I am doing it and have cooperated with me in the mechanics required to transfer my win to the Reflections future winner.  I am not an employee of Legacy.  I do act as a moderator on the Google Plus community Legacy Virtual Users Group.  Said group has no official standing OR affiliation with Legacy Family Tree and/or Millennia.  The LVUG community is a stand alone users group, with a goal of helping each other get the most out of Legacy.  I think that covers the transparency/disclaimers.  I hope!

** I have never done a contest before, I am sure it shows!  LOL

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Jodi Spade Roessler said...

This has absolutely made my day, if not my whole week! Thank you so much for sharing your prize and allowing me to get on the right track with my research this year! Thank you also to Geoff Rasmussen and the folks at Legacy for making this giveaway happen. Best wishes to us all in our family history journeys this year.