Tuesday, December 6, 2011

THE Trip, Colter Bay Visitors Center & Indian Arts Museum, Grand Teton National Park

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

We had been in the truck for some time driving from West Yellowstone to Colter Bay.  It was more than time for a break, lunch, stretching, walking around and tending to the needs of the fur kids.  We pulled into the Colter Bay Visitor Center, snagged a parking spot and went to investigate the center and the museum.

The museum had a really wonderful collection of Indian artifacts.  I took a number of photos, however, I do NOT take photos with a flash inside museums and use only available light - - unless I am told it is fine to use the flash, which does not happen often.  In this case the light was very low, a good number of the photos are out of focus.  I also had to fight reflection and protective glass cases that most of these artifacts were displayed in.  However, with the magic of photo editing software I can share these with you.

Below, the grizzly bear claw necklace, according to the signage, proved great hunting skill and bravery.  Some of the claws in this particular display came out of necklaces dating from 1800.

Below:  the art of Navajo silver smithing:

Below:  Pipe bags, the bag at the top of the photo is said to be Sioux, made about 1890.

Have no information on the artifact below, looks like a drum head:

Below:  Fabulous samples of clothing.

As wonderful as the museum was, lunch was screaming our names.  We asked the staff where the picnic area was, happily it was not far.  After a short drive, we carted the cooler and picnic basket down to the lake, finding a picnic table front and center.  There were a few bugs, but the food was delish, and the view, well, what say you, winner??  Ya, I thought so too!  LOL  I actually sat at the table, between bites of my lunch, I balanced Sony on the top of the table and shot and shot, just because I could.  But, this panoramic was by far the best of the best of the photos.  (Do try clicking on this photo, larger is so much better!  LOL  It is too wonderful on my large monitor with larger resolutions!  WOWSERS!!)

With lots more to see, and many more miles to drive, (we will return to Tana the way we came, via 3 crossings of the Continental Divide) we could not linger long enough at this very special luncheon site.  So, sadly, we pack up, and head out for more vistas to discover.

As we turned to leave this beautiful spot I found these, bright, sunny, joyful:



Barbara Poole said...

The panoramic shot has to be among your best! Just love it.

Greta Koehl said...

I WANT that panoramic picture on my office wall - my "peaceful" wall - to keep me from going off my rocker at work! Awesome is an understatement!

Jan Kelpe said...

Yes Carol, I believe you have correctly identified the drum head. It looks like the ones the Indians used when they danced when I was growing up (not out)

Carol said...

Thanks Barb, I thought it was pretty special too.

Greta, it's yours! See your email!

Jan, thanks.