Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the Season, Coming Soon, After This n' That From Reflections

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It has been a wild couple of weeks. There was a weekend of broohaa over RootsTech, and vendors and books. I could not help myself, I was reading social media and blogs as fast as something new came online.  And, no, I am not going to RootsTech.  It was an interesting weekend, for the most part, the discussions were  respectful, passionate, but, pretty much respectful.  It was some weekend alright and some great reading was to be had!

No sooner did that settle down and there was another interesting discussion, held for the most part at Google +.  Discussion covered Ancestry and the old search engine vs the new search engine.  This discussion did not go viral as did the RootsTech one.  Again, I could not stay away, and even participated, expressing my true feelings more than once.  No final outcome, but, as always, I learn something from the discussions.

And, for the genea-trifecta, searching the Social Security Death Index is no longer the same  This is so disconcerning to me that I can barely discuss it.  It is gone from, and partially disabled from other web sites, if you are looking for social security numbers for someone that died in the last 10 years you better start collecting them now.  A few web sites that offer the SSDI still have those numbers, but, that may not continue.

Genealogical speaking it has been one heck of a roller coaster kind of week!

On December 15th we learned of the passing of Kevin Eubank who had been the caretaker of Leonard Knight of Salvation Mountain, Niland, California for the last couple of years.  Leonard and Salvation Mountain were highlighted here on Reflections back on March 1st.  And, you may remember that I was honored by a filmmaker by the choice of one of my photos to use in the promotion of a film about Leonard.  Leonard has had a mini-stroke and is suffering from dementia and has been placed in a very good care facility.  Kevin notified the Facebook followers of Salvation Mountain about Leonard's condition and situation via a YouTube video and less than 24 hours later he was gone.  All are shocked.  Personally, I have my own beliefs as to the timing, but, it is all in our Maker's hands, now isn't it??

Man and I have been trying to walk more, my health issues demand it.  I will be the first to tell you that even though I enjoy hikes in places like Gold Canyon, Arizona and Moab, Utah, I am not at all enthused about most walking for exercise. OK, I rather abhor it.  Getting me out the door is like pulling teeth outta chickens.  SIGH.  The only thing that might relieve some of the agony is the possibility of something fun or interesting to shoot with Sony.  So, I walk with Sony in one hand, always searching for something to shoot.  I have been partially successful, the armadillo photos over at Flora and Fauna were done while investigating a new hiking trail.  OK, I feel better when I have had my walk, but, still, it is not my preferred chore of the day.

Man and I went to a boat parade the other evening on the Intracoastal water way.  Sony and I only managed to get a few photos that are salvageable.  I have taken some other fun holiday type photos while here.  So, from now until Christmas, I'll be sharing some different kind of posts, photos of course, and maybe a holiday (?) story.  Some will be serious, some will not.   Some down time, time to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday season as well as some of the fun things.   It is my holiday gift to you and to me.

By golly gee, I'm not sure, what do you think??  Is that Santa I spy??  Photo sure is not in focus, but, yes, I think it is - -


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Susan Clark said...

Do believe you're right! And I do believe. Looking forward to more Christmas merriment.