Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Calendar, My Annoying Christmas Letter, Errr Card of 2011

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GeneaBloggers across the world are once again participating in the Advent Calendar challenge.  This year because I am still attempting to finish the never ending "THE Trip" series, I am probably not going to have a lot of submissions, and, I am not much of a fan of re-running prior years articles.  However, if you insist, I can direct you to my 2009 submission on this very subject, Christmas Cards, in which I freely admit I am one of those friends and family that writes those really annoying holiday letters.

But, I am going to take this opportunity to write my 2011 annoying holiday letter, and here it is!


Dear Family, Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

Oh, my, 2011 is nearly over.  Used to be, pre-blogging days, I had long long annoying holiday letters to include in my Christmas Cards.  You will either be totally relieved or slightly annoyed to hear that this year I have very little to say.  That is because I have been chatting away at record paces all year long on this blog.  Everything I might have told you in my long long annoying holiday letters is already here on the blog.

To summarize our year, it started out in Las Cruces New Mexico, and will end in Gulf Shores Alabama.  2011 was the year we finally traveled west of I 35 and into the gorgeous red land of Arizona and Utah.  It is also the year I finally got to the research mecca, Salt Lake City (and no, I have NOT processed all those files, YET).  

We returned to our stick built home in SE Michigan at the end of July, the re-entry was full of dead batteries, and other issues of equipment left to sit unused for 8.5 months.  Man spent a great deal of time and a bit of angst getting all back up and running, and then, snicker, we left again, mid-November.

We lost a member of our fur family, our beloved Miss Tilly, in Custer South Dakota. Who knew she would go before her half-brother, Mr. G (aka, Gallagher).

Our human family thrives, over all they seem to be pretty happy with their lot in life, and our family gatherings are always such a wonderful thing, harmonious, joyful, and full of a bit of our family tradition, lots of teasing.  We are so proud of them all, our sons, our daughter-in-laws, our twin grands.

And, so, 2011 comes to an end, and 2012 looms on the horizon.  What will 2012 bring, we hope, much happiness and health to our many friends across the USA.  We have several family members and friends that are battling cancer and other health issues, they are constantly in our prayers.

So, to end this abbreviated issue of my annoying holiday letter, Man and I wish you and yours a peaceful, wonderful holiday season and a hugely successful year in 2012.  May your wheels (for our RVing friends) roll you to places yet unexplored.  May your brick walls (for my genie friends) come tumbling down.  

May your family be happy.  May your souls find peace.

Love and Peace to All,

Carol & Man

* Images, my Christmas village display.  Reflections is decorated for the holiday as well, hope you enjoy the photos and graphics all through the right hand column of the blog.



Joan said...

Nice, and especially appreciated as just one of the blogger-guys. --- and I dinna even do holiday letters, but I love getting them. LOL

Kathy Reed said...

I have to agree with Joan. I totally enjoyed your Christmas letter. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Susan Clark said...

All the blessings of the season to you both! Love the village pictures.

Hummer said...

Love your "Letter/Card" you are such a lovely person. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas with your family and Mr G. Keep the blog rolling. Loving every minute of your posts. ((hugs))

Gini said...

Merry Christmas to you, to man and your baby critters. I so enjoy reading your blog year round, Carol. Thank you! It's been quite a year hasn't it!