Saturday, December 3, 2011

THE Trip, Yellowstone National Park, Walking the Line

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Our second day in Yellowstone, what should we do?  Well, on the strong urging and advice of our many RVing friends (without whom this trip would not be what it was, really, their advice was invaluable) we decided to drive through Yellowstone, past Old Faithful, and down to Grand Teton National Park.  What a great decision that turned out to be.

We knew we had a LOT of miles to cover and most would be at 45 MPH or less.  We knew it would be an all day affair, so we packed lunches, dogs, water, camera, batteries, even the battery charger and off we went.

We entered the park the same way we did the day before, from West Yellowstone heading towards Madison.  This area had a large herd of Bison roaming back and forth across the road.  Now, the Bison have the right of way.  Seriously.  If they stand in the middle of the road, that is their right, and really, who in their right minds would argue with them??

We noted, it seemed to be taking a long long time to enter the park, traffic was vacillating between  pretty much standing still or rolling at 5.3 MPH, see - - -

We suspected there were Bison slowing down the traffic, people stopped for them, or just gawking.  The day before we had driven the same road, tooling along at posted speeds.  This morning, we were well over 45 minutes covering the same section of road, and as I showed you above, the forward movement was slow.  At least we were moving, J*U*S*T.  So, we enjoyed the views, we were, after all, moving slowly and that is a good time to really take in the scenery.

As we came around a curve in the road, we see, mmmm, in the middle of the road, walking the line - - - is it, could it be??

A bit closer, yes, it sure is, one lone Bison, walking the line, the center line of the roadway - -

And, why not, it is his park, his highway, his right of way, his center line to walk as long and far as he wants too.

Yep, just me and my line, you can almost hear him humming away - -  Me and My Highway - - Just walking the line - -

*Sorry bout the glare on some of the photos, sometimes it cannot be helped when shooting out the windshield of Big Butt.

**Several days later, in the very same area, the bison herd stood in the middle of the road for about 2 hours.  The human traffic and their vehicles totally stopped.   S*T*O*P*P*E*D.    We were so happy to have missed that traffic jam!

*** That is ONE Bison, the very same one, he just kept walking that line, for who knows how long or how far!


Susan Clark said...

Just this once I think you need music - my vote would be for Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line".

Jasia said...

Love it, love it, love it!