Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby's Welfare, ca 1950

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Man's mother saved everything, or nearly everything when it comes to documentation.  In Man's baby book I found this page.  It is so worth taking a few minutes to read, enjoy, I'll bet you will chuckle.

A closer look, easier to read:

In another part of this "Baby Record" book it says:

"Moreover, Milk is not only rich in food values, but, it is one of the most easily digested of all foods, thus making those food values available in health or sickness....

Milk, properly considered, is a food, not a beverage.  It should always be "eaten" - - that is, sipped.  The reason for this is that milk turns to curds in the stomach.  When it is drunk rapidly, it forms large curds, which are not so easy to digest as the small curds that are formed when the milk is taken slowly."

All in the name of Baby's welfare.



GrannyPam said...

Ya, right.

Anonymous said...

Unbroken sleep from 10 till 6? HEH!