Monday, October 15, 2012

The Blame, Errr, The Thanks Goes To Margaret

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Over the weekend we received the news of the passing of Man's mother's cousin, Margaret.  I will admit Margaret's passing set me back, took my breath away.

For those of you that have lived through a few of my rants during book formatting times, we can all thank or blame Margaret.  It's all her fault!

A few moons ago when I started family research much of it was done via snail mail (remember that stuff, it comes in an envelope to your home?).  I sent out reams of paper printed with group sheets and pedigree charts, begging for information.

Margaret responded.  Margaret responded in a BIG way.  Then, seeing what she deemed value in my new "sport", she decided it should be published, RIGHT THEN!  So, she pushed me over the edge into publishing books.

Now, she did not just push, she shoved, she helped, she drove to libraries, had me visit for weekends, she drove all over the county knocking on the doors of people she knew were family members, sitting them down and convincing them to fill in group sheets and begging photos.  She was a whirlwind and determined.

Without her I may never have finished a book.  But, she helped and pushed until she had her book, then, somehow she and her sisters, convinced me to do one for them, research and all, for one of their other lineages.  I had no personal interest in this line, fascinating as it was.  I never would have researched it.  She convinced her nephew to collect and process the photos when I begged off, crying, I cannot do all that work and the research and the book formatting and have a life.  

And, so was born the second family history book I was involved with publishing.

Note, I said second family history book.  Note, I have not done another family history since.  I have formatted a number of research books for the local genealogy club.  Note, I have not had, nor will I ever again, have Margaret pushing me to publish a family history.  I fear, maybe I don't have enough push by myself to ever do another.

I miss you Margaret, pushy, dear, sweet, loving, energetic, wild and wonderful Margaret.

Maybe I can muster up enough push to finish another work, in your honor.  I mean, it was all your fault, thank you!

Love ya Margaret.  You were one special, one of a kind lady!

Rest In Peace


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