Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mary MNU Revisited

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On April 13, 2012, I shared this death certificate with you, not being able to read the mother, Mary's, maiden name.

I even enlarged the area with her name, for a closer look:

Several readers hazarded some guesses, such as Eamersen? Emerson? Eamiers? or Eanuens.

I revisited that death certificate a couple of times this week, as I really need to link it to John, but, I am reluctant to do so until I figure out his mother's maiden name, I know - - - - I'm funny like that.

Last time I looked at the document, I noted that it said Mary E??????  was born in Princess Anne County Virginia.  I know from census work and such that she was born about 1828.

So, I had this brainstorm (well, more like a brain burp, but, whatever - - )  To check the 1830 and 1840 census for Princess Anne County Virginia to see what surnames that begin with "E" might be found.  SOOO, I did:

1830 Princess Anne County Virginia:


1840 Princess Anne County Virginia:

Emond(s) (Edmond)
Encell (sure looks like Ewell to me)
Erard (Ward, really, looks like Ward)

I am leaning towards Edmonds - - maybe - -

And the search goes on.  And, nope, I have NOT found the marriage of Edward Dews and Mary E??????




Rosemary said...

My first glance said Erasmus. Probably not that though.

Linda Jenkins-Wensel said...

I don't see how it could be Edmonds or any other name that has a letter with a high mark like a "d"...I say more like Eamuns, just from looking at the other letters in the document. Also, have you ever considered the E to be a middle initial ....just a thought, even though the following "a" is not like a capital A....but there is just no way there is a "d" in there, you don't even see any pen skip marks for it to be possible.
Just my two cents worth on it...ok, five cents worth.

kinfolknews said...

Can't help with Mary's name but did Edward Dews have siblings? If so, have you located their death certificates? Just a thought.

Regina (aka Kinfolk News)

Carol said...


Oh, I wish I did know his siblings!! LOL Another brick wall! I have suspicions, but, despite some serious work on that at the Library of Virginia in April, nothing I can be 100% sure of. SIGHHHH Have a few more ideas, but - - -

As far as this spelling, I think the clerk may have been drunk! LOL