Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Tech Report :: Got Mail? Great. Got a Back Up Plan??

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Some of you may remember back about August of this year I was hacked over at my Yahoo email.  After I had the mess sorta under control I went looking for ways to address the situation, said situation, in my opinion was too much dependence on Yahoo (and Gmail for that matter).  I have for years only used internet mail, I ditched out of Outlook so long ago I cannot remember when it was.  Until this "little" incident, I have been happy with the email just floating around out there in cyber-land, now commonly known as the "cloud".

No longer am I happy trusting the cloud 100%.

I looked at many solutions, some involved $$, some did not.  After much snooping, questioning friends, reading more specs than I can to remember and learning some MORE new techy terms (which I have promptly forgotten), I chose to go with MailStore, with their free email archiving downloadable software.

My opinion, remembering that I usually have shaky internet connectivity:  it is free, it does work, it was not fast, but, it did work.

Now, I have some email accounts that I use to store things on, and there are well over 1,500 messages in at least one of them.  Archiving those accounts to my hard drive took time, and more than once MailStore stalled out.  Not all was lost, as soon as I started the archive process again, MailStore took off from where it  had stalled.

Overall I am satisfied, I have backed up the most important email accounts on both Yahoo and Gmail to my hard drive.  The backup file is 1.23 gigs.  I guess that is why it took a while!  LOL

* The disclaimers:  You know me, I use products, in this case Yahoo, Gmail and MailStore.  Sometimes I have good results, sometimes I have dismal results.  I pay if payment is required, I use free whenever I can find free that suits me.  Then there is that copyright stuff, Yahoo, Gmail and MailStore own their copyrights and all that means, everything, totally, more than 100%.  I get no $$$ from them for using their products, they have not contacted me to write reviews. I have a fancy smancy disclaimer page,  Disclaim THAT! Beholden to - -

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