Sunday, October 28, 2012

123rd Carnival of Genealogy :: Gonna Have a Birthday Party

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Our great hostess of the Carnival of Genealogy, Jasia, of Creative Gene, is having a birthday in November.  Her challenge for this Carnival is:

The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: A Birthday Party! Yep, we're having a birthday party here at the COG and you're all invited! Whose birthday is it? Mine. :-) November is the month of my birthday and in honor of me I'd like to invite you to share a birthday story.

Your story can be about a birthday party you hosted or was held for you. It can be a tribute to someone on your family tree who has a November birthday. Or, it can be a fantasy about your dream birthday! 

I went checking, not a lot of birthday party photos on the computer. Well, hmmmpphhh.  I had just a few parties, well, I can only remember a few.  I found a few photos of birthdays from my kids.  A few of Man, his first and second birthday photos were pretty cute.  Yes, I blogged them, birthday number one is here, and that second birthday is here.  Alas, nothing struck me as blog worthy, or I had used it already, so, I decided, that since Jasia was having a birthday, I would  gather a few items and just throw her a party.

So, Jasia, Let's Parteeeeeee!!

Here are some balloons to decorate with:

Later in the evening we will have some fireworks:

MUST have a hat!  (Thank you to our lovely model, Son # 3.)

And, of course, a cake (actually I borrowed this from Son # 2's fourth birthday party).  We all love a carousel  right?  I'll fight ya for the giraffe looking creature, I have never ridden a giraffe before!  Or maybe that is a funny looking long necked horse?

Here is your present, sure hope you like it:

And, last, but, NOT least, a little bubbly to wash it all down:

Happy Birthday Jasia!

* Graphic of the present, source long lost, apologies to the original artist.  Graphic of the bubbly, fireworks and the balloons courtesy of Dan's Clipart.  (Note, his web site may be numbered in days?  His domain may be for sale?)


Jasia said...

Thank you, Carol, for the wonderful birthday surprise! I can't tell you what this means to me but just know that it brought both a smile and a tear to my face. Thank you, dear friend!

Joan said...

Carol, what a neat idea --- Just throw your own BDay party for Jasia!! Makes us all smile.

Cynthia Shenette said...

LOL. What a lovely birthday tribute to Ms. Jasia! Son #2 was a good sport to wear that hat, and I must say your husband was pretty cute back in the day...

Nancy said...

Hey, Carol, thanks for letting us join in the birthday party fun for Jasia! Happy Birthday, Jasia!