Friday, October 26, 2012

Hey Michelle, I Did It! :: 21st Century Organized Family Historian

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Michelle Goodrum over at The Turning of Generations has been running a very informative and challenging series this year titled, "The 21st Century Organized Family Historian".  Now, I will NEVER admit to being organized, and I have not participated except for one other week.  I responded back in January to her challenge to organize our work space, only I was living in Tana at the time, and well, HAHA, work space in Tana is a weeeeeee bit limited.  Michelle actually suggested we set aside a specific portion of our home just for working.  HAHA, again.  If your curiosity has peaked and you just HAVE to have a look, here is my response to her challenge.  While you read that, I will duck in embarrassment.

Back in early October, Michelle's challenge was about the "Dreaded F Word - - Filing", you can read about it here.  When I read that challenge I kept thinking of the HUGE mess in the Parlor.  The huge mess that arrived in the parlor the month after Man's mother died in 2010, see, shutter, gasp, gulp!!

August 2010:

I do not have any more photos of the parlor over the last two years, it went from this to better, and then to MUCH worse, when all the deck furniture ended up in there for well over 20 months (don't ask).  GROAN.  When we returned home this April from our winter in Gulf Shores Alabama, we immediately took all of that furniture out to the deck.  Whew, that helped a lot.  At that point I was left with mostly piles of papers, notebooks filled with photos and documents and a few crates full of, well, stuff.

Finally in October, I attacked this mess.  I processed, scanned, took some photos, sorted, and removed stuff to other areas of the house.  The parlor is more clean than it has been in over 2 years.

As wonderful as this all is, I will NOT show you photos of the office space upstairs.   I just don't have the energy or the time to clean up THAT mess this year.

But, the parlor is clean(er)!  WOOT!

* Those notebooks off to the far left bottom of this photo, are holding down a very long photo that was curled, we are trying to gently get it straight enough to take a photo, panoramic style.  It may be there till we return from THE Trip, THE Encore'.



TennLady said...

What a difference. Don't feel bad my office and the storeroom/craftroom are pits! Hey, I'm working on it!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Looking mighty fine! Isn't it graifying to look at the before and - especially - the after pictures and say to yourself, "I/we actually did it!"

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, have a seat and enjoy!

Barbara Poole said...

I've always liked before and after photos and this is a good example of showing the results of cleaning and organizing things. Great outcome, and I'm giving Michelle some credit for her article. Carol, I believe you could put something on your coffee table, don't be afraid to use the free space.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...