Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, Current Events

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I am fully aware that many of my readers, friends and family are really more interested in what Man and I are currently up to, what trouble we might be getting into, rather than reading about THE Trip that has been over for a good 6 months.  I am happy to report, that for the most part, we are behaving.  We have been in Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama for 2 months and have not done much.  Well, we have done a LOT of resting, visiting with RVing friends, making new RVing friends, quietly celebrating the holidays, and taken walks.

The weather, when compared to what it was 2 years ago has been fabulous.  Two years ago, December brought something like 15 inches of rain and our campsite was flooded and never dried out the entire time we were there (left in April).  This last December (2011) there was some rain, maybe 3 or 4 inches, yes, I am too lazy to even look that fact up, and our campsite has for the most part been dry, dry and did I say it has been DRY!  We are enjoying the dry, oh, are we enjoying the dry! The temps have also been very favorable, many days the temps are about 10 to 15 above average.  Two years ago there was snow about 40 miles north of here.  There were frozen water fountains, frozen water lines and pipes that when thawed would spout water out the backs of homes and under driveways.  This year we have had a bit of frost on the grass and such.  (Of course, now, we all know that I have doomed us by talking about this, watch out.  GULP!!)

Man loves old large live oaks, he is communing with this one.  He loved that he could "wiggle" the tree a bit with that low hanging branch.

I have gone days without taking a photo (really!) and have given myself permission to slow down on the blogging, input, etc.  I have taken some time to devote to learning curve with new programs and software, and still need to do quite a bit more of that.

I have captured a few good creature photos though, like this guy taking his holiday bath.  To see the rest of the bath, visit Reflection's Flora and Fauna.

We took a few walks on the fishing pier and met Sam, a tame pelican.  You can see the rest of his photos here, I had a great time taking these, Sam can be very entertaining!

One day taking a walk I found this green-backed heron just feet from our campsite. I have looked for this beauty every time I walk by that canal, and have not seen it again.  By the way, the second photo over at Flora and Fauna is even better!

And, possibly the most fun photo(s) of the last several months, the armadillo, of course there are more photos and the full size version of this one over at Flora and Fauna, if you have not seen these, please go have a look, his pose is great.

We enjoy walking at the beach, even on days when it is windy.  I am always looking for photo ops, so, I tried capturing some of the buildings as viewed through the ocean mist kicked up from the wind and waves.  And, yes, that is a crane on top of that building.

I am still working on a caption for this photo of a lone shore bird strolling past these beach chairs whose occupants are down in the water splashing away.

Man and I have both been quite content to just enjoy the moments, a lot of very quiet moments.  If nearby, you may hear a number of deep, soul cleaning, SIGHHHHHHHHHS.  See, Man is QUITE content, except, maybe you better make that deep, soul cleaning, ZZZZZs.



PalmsRV said...

What a great year to be on the Alabama gulf.

Barbara Poole said...

Love seeing touches of spring, and hearing about your weather. It's 7 degrees right now, so your pictures made me feel warmer. Hey, get out your camera, it misses you!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Love the update an all the pictures. I don't know which 1 I like the best. They are all wonderful. Enjoy!

Nita said...

No wonder you are still there! Sounds heavenly at the Gulf Shores!!! As I look my window at the white snow, I can only dream about it!

Carol said...

It really has been PalmsRV. That fact comes up frequently in our conversations.

Carol said...

Spring will be showing up soon here in Gulf Shores. Chatting with some of our RVing friends the other day, wondering if these warm temps may bring the pitcher plants into bloom before we leave. Need to get over to Weeks Bay area and start having a lookie see.

Carol said...

Thank you Michelle. We are trying to enjoy, err, rest, err, enjoy! LOL

Carol said...

Nita, I wish YOU were here too! You take care now friend, we need to chat about next winter's plans - -

Lynne Carothers said...

While the peeps are away
The gull has right of way.
Don't deny him his snack
Or the toes he'll attack!

Tee hee ... pathetic attempt at a rhyme!

Karen said...

Nice! Ah... those beach shots look fabulous. Well, they all do... but we're enjoying freezing rain here, to be followed by 2-4 inches of snow, so seeing that photo of Man snoozing on the beach is sublime. :)

Carol said...

I'll take it Lynne, I cannot write poetry, so, it works for me, I even understand it! WIN!!

Carol said...

Thanks Karen, Gulf Shores IS known for it's glorious beaches, no thanks to a bucket full or two of oil from BP's burp. SIGH All you have to do is look around and you can see the economic destruction. Man and I are doing our best to help them out a bit! :-)