Monday, January 23, 2012

Campgound Fun, Gulf State Park

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

While walking around Gulf State Park, supposedly getting some exercise, I will sometimes tote along our friend Sony.  I have taken a few photos, here and there, so let's see what Sony has captured.

Below, check out the license plate on this motorhome:

And, the toad (towed car) that goes with this bus, owners are rather clever, eh?

The streets in the campground have names, like Rabbit Road.  Gotta say, that pink dude or dudette on the right looks especially uncomfy hanging there.  Choke, choke.

And, there is Possum Road.  There is a possum under this collection of clothing and trinkets.  Poor thing sure has it's holidays in a knot, a Mrs. Santa skirt, under which it appears to be a floozy net skirt (for Valentines?  floozy!)  She is also wearing some Marid Gras stuff, a hat and beads with a shot glass.  There is also that nice red heart. Me thinks she has filled that shot glass a few times already, eh??

Here is a photo of the same possum taken before Christmas, oh, my she was already dressed as a floozy.

And, there is, but of course, a Gator Road, he (or she) wore a Santa hat during the Christmas season:

Then there is Bear Road, here is the mascot pre-holiday season:

And, here is Bear this weekend, dressed for Mardi Gras.  I rather love the two hats, one for each ear.  LOL

And, while this well beaded chick does not reside in the state park, who could resist taking a photo??  Not I.

And, last for today's episode of fun photos, just for our RVing friends:  The ultimate in sewer hose suspension products, some will do just about anything to get the fluids to flow!  



Barbara Poole said...

Thanks for capturing their sense of humor on your walk.

Linda Hughes Hiser said...

Very cool! I think I like the mardi gras bear best ;-)

Cynthia Shenette said...

LOL. The license plates cracked me up... :)

LindaRe said...

Love "dee" floozy possum. Great photos for a laugh.

PalmsRV said...

Love those memorable license plates.

Carol said...

Welcome Barb, I love the dark humor.

Carol said...

He is sorta cute, isn't he Linda. And, so glad to see you here.

Carol said...

Cynthia, I thought they were rather clever. :-))

Carol said...

OOO, LindaRe, you are the cute one! LOVE IT! "dee" floozy possom! Thanks for dropping by and making me smile!

Carol said...

PalmsRV, maybe you need to get one or two?? Hmmmm, lets work on that! :-)