Monday, January 9, 2012

THE Trip, Custer South Dakota, The Town

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June 30, 2011

A quiet day, consisting of a ride into town, a few photos.

I love the unusual (of course, you all know that if you have been reading Reflections for any time), the quirky and most anything artistic.  Custer had some of each.

The first photo of the day, was of this pick up truck full of antlers, and such, parked out front of the Claw-Antler & Hide Company.  Sure will draw your attention to the store front.

There is also this free museum, in Way Park, they claim it to be the oldest standing structure in the Black Hills:

You cannot actually go into the building, but there is a nice display of artifacts, photographed through the Plexiglas barrier.  Love that fireplace.

For me the most fun thing going on in Custer in the summer of 2011 was the display of artistically painted buffalo statuary.  There were quite a few of them, displayed up and down the main drag.  I took photos of most of them.  Here are a few:

Below:  Scenes of buffalo on the buffalo.

Below:  I really liked the symbolism reflected on this statue, with the ghosts of the tepee, the buffalo and the Indian ancestor revealing all to the child.  Note the large rolls of straw (or hay) in the background, representing life today on the prairie.  (These are my thoughts on this particular painting, it may or may not be what the artist was trying to depict.)

Maybe my favorite, George Armstrong Custer.

Below:  the opposite side, same statue.

Nearby are Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Wind Cave National Park, and Badlands National Park.  We will visit all of them during our time here in Custer South Dakota, some more than once.

*Disclaimer, I have no connection to any business mentioned in this post, no $$ has been paid to me to mention them.  I may or may not have even stepped inside their doors, and may or may not have $pent any $$ there.


Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

What great photos!!

I so love 'traveling' with you!!

I was in Custer when I was about 12 yrs old. (We won't talk about how long ago that was!) We did not see the cabin, and I'm sure there were no artistic buffalo there! Loved those, though!

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

I agree with Sherry, I DO love traveling with you Carol! Really awesome as all get out!