Thursday, January 26, 2012

THE Trip, Wall Drugs, Wall, South Dakota, Ya Gotta Stop

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July 7, 2011

THE Trip was surely assisted by all of our friends, who passed on suggestions via email, Facebook and sitting round the campfire or round a good meal.  Many said, you have to stop at Wall Drug.  Really, you just gotta.

On this day, we left Custer, drove through Rapid City and east on on I 90 to Wall.  The drive was enhanced by signs, similar to the Burma Shave signs of my childhood, only for Wall Drugs.  I loved them. I did not get a photo of all of  them, but, here are a few, collage style:

There is a history of Wall Drugs online at their web site.  The town of Wall welcomes visitors:

Describe Wall Drugs??  Well, there are all the regular drug store items, shampoo, over the counter meds, greeting cards.  Now toss in tourist trap goodies, t-shirts, cowboy hats, boots, food, eclectic western art pieces, and lots, lots more.  There is even a small chapel.  Oh, and it is BIG, really big.

It was HOT when we finally arrived in Wall, sizzling HOT. There was no way we could leave Mr. G and Captain Hook in Big Butt in that heat.  So, Man grabbed CH and I grabbed Mr. G and we marched right into Wall Drug.  At first we did not linger long, charging from room to room to room.  A few people looked at us and the dogs, even an employee or two, but no one said a word.  In fact, I saw at least one other dog enjoying the cool air conditioning of Wall Drug.  After seeing the other dog, I figured, they could ask me to leave, and I would, but, in the meantime, I was going to slow down a bit and take it all in.  So, I did!

Below:  some of the western gear, belts with holsters and boots.  If you look a little harder at this photo you will see me, on the right, toting Mr. G and Sony and working the room!  LOL  You will also see the bottom of my legs in the middle of the photo in another mirror.  Will admit that I had a bit of a giggle fest when I previewed this photo.

Outside we discovered a Jackalope, made just for riding, and no, neither Man nor I climbed up there.

Below:  back inside we find this whiskey drinking cowboy guarding this corner of the store:

Man and both fur kids had a chat with this hombre (or is he the sherriff?):

We have more miles to drive today, so we head back to Big Butt.  Next, Badlands National Park.



irisheyes jennifer said...


This is my third attempt to post a comment; my dogs are all excited this morning because we finally got snow, and I think one of them spotted your fur babies in the photos.

Great photos, especially the collage of signs, and I love the Jackalope. Thanks for sharing them. Wall Drug looks like a very quirky place.


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Neat photos and write up Carol! Looks like a really interesting place to browse. I'm glad you got the photos so we could all see!

irisheyes jennifer said...

Should have said it was my dogs and not blogger (for a change) preventing me from posting my comment.

Carol said...

Have the fur kids plowed the snow yet?? This photo of the Jackalope is on Flora and Fauna, with another smaller and furrier one. Back in April or May?? Might need to put a search button on that blog! LOL

Carol said...

If you were not carrying 2 yorkies around, it would be fun to take longer to browse around. That said, mmm, do I really need a coffee cup with my name on it and images of South Dakota?? Probably not, but, snicker, I did take a photo.

Kathy Reed said...

Many years ago I took that same route and remember those signs. I had totally forgotten about them until I read this post. Thanks for the memories.

Barbara Poole said...

I'm laughing, because I've also been there, and saw the signs for probably a few hundred miles before reaching the place. Your post brought back fond memories. Thanks.