Friday, January 6, 2012

Friend of Friends Friday:: Slaves Found During Transcription

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I do a bit of volunteer work in Lenawee County, Michigan.  I host several blogs where I put up memorial cards and Bible and Bible records.  Both projects are on going, the Bible project has been ongoing for many years, and I dream of it being finished, however, it is languishing.  Both projects are on my list of  "THE To Do List", my plan is to try to do some on this every week, maybe twice a week.

While working on some additional data I found that I wanted to add to an existing Bible record, I also found some slave information.  Time frame: 1700-1799.  Possibly, New York State.  Sadly, there are huge hunks of information missing in this record, I can only hope that the tidbits of data are helpful to someone, sometime.

You can find the entire Bible record and new information on the slaves, here.  Names I have indexed from this set of records are:

Delon, Dillon, Hodson, Morgan, Morrison, Rowe, Symons, Talyer, Taylor


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