Saturday, April 25, 2009

The American Legion is WHERE?

Man loves fish and seafood. I get a e-zine announcing a walleye dinner in town nearby, American Legion.

Man, after I ask him several times, decides we should indeed go out for dinner.

I say, check the address, write it down. In following discussion, we decide it is the hall on the corner of X and Y roads, we have been there before for fish dinners (a VERY, VERY, long time ago). We did NOT write down the pertinent information, like name and address, after all we knew where we were headed, corner of X and Y roads.

Away we go, nice day for a ride, find hall, park, go in, pay, and then see that they are serving chicken.

Say what??

Much to our surprise, we discover we are at the Eagles, NOT the American Legion. Won't let us buy a beer, cause we are not members, but, the chicken is pretty tasty.

As we are chuckling about our error, and we did a lot of chuckling, cause for whatever reason, this really struck us as funny - - - - probably one of those, ya had to be there kinda things - - - -

I say to Man, "Man, we are gonna go find that American Legion, want another dinner??" He says, "NAHHHHHH."

Yea, right! Since when does Man turn down walleye??

Finish the Eagles great chicken, back in the car, find the American Legion, in we go, and YES, Man did buy another dinner, the walleye one. I passed.

Oh, my, I have NEVER seen a walleye fillet as large as this thing was, they said they were about a pound each. Broasted I believe, had corn meal crust, YUM. I taste tested the Man's, but of course.

And, they let us buy a beer.

Man was overstuffed, and we both were still chuckling all the way home. And, NOW, we know where the American Legion hall is in that town.


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