Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The ultimate sign that winter is over

Crocus blooming (had them, 6 beauties bloomed, 12 hours later, bunny fodder)

Forsythia blooming (sorta, they are rather pathetic looking here on the homestead this year)

Star magnolias blooming (started early this year, before the pathetic forsythia)

Goslings arrive (any day now)

Pansies (got em, planted, outside)

Kelly green lawns (getting there)

Robins (arrived and attempted for 2 weeks to break into the basement window, what a racket)

Muddy sink holes in the gravel roads (OHHHH yea, there are some doozies out there)

Plenty of others, of course, but around here, they officially pronounce winter as over and gone, when:

The conservative DNR puts all the boat docks in the water at the state parks! Now that is the ultimate sign that winter is over.

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TennLady said...

I think the signs of spring are the most hopeful signs around.

Iris are sending up flower stalks (not mine).
Forsythia has turned green.
Tulip poplar has flowers.
Tulips are blooming.