Monday, April 27, 2009

A Wii bit of difference

After a long sitting spell (since late October 2008), we are packing Tana with all intentions of a short getaway.

For about a week, I have been cleaning, reorganizing. Loading the freezables. Sorting through boxes of stuff we took out of Tana late last fall. Checking and rechecking, heavy coat, check; sweaters, check; short sleeved shirts, check; spices, check; coffee, check; well, you get the idea.

Late this winter we purchased a Wii for exercise. We really enjoy the bowling (no more smoky bowling alleys). And, we have not laughed this much in a long time.

To us Tana is just a rolling extension of our house, so, we have the same luxuries. Furnace, air conditioner, oven, microwave, we even have a small desk for my computer. Yep, a rolling house, some call these 5ers a wheel estate. We travel with computers, cameras, scanners, printers, houseplants - love those violets - and now Wii. Roughing it smoothly.

Man purchased some extra cords and that little sensor bar thingy for the Wii installation in Tana. The cords and bar can stay in Tana, and we only have to carry the Wii and the games back to the house. This morning Man fished the wires down and around, yea, took a couple of tries, but, Man succeeded.

Next, gotta see how Wii works in Tana. And, we are happy to report, it does.

In one of those OMG giggle moments, we realized how much smaller the telie in Tana really is. We had been using Wii on the large telie in the house. We both got a good snicker out of the bowling pins, so small we almost could not see them.

A Wii bit of difference - - - -

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Karen said...

love the "wii bit of difference".. glad to hear you are running away for some down time. You two sure do deserve a break! Have fun & keep us blogged on your adventures!