Sunday, April 26, 2009

This 'n That, and a spring delight

Tana looks pretty sweet hooked up to Big Butt (THE truck).

Forsythia look a little better than last week, but still kinda sad. Daffodils are nice tho.

If you post your research (and/or photos) to the web, the chances of some of it being used, lifted, or, as the WO's say, 'clicked and claimed', are very very high. Lets put it this way: it will be borrowed. Don't post if you don't want to find it later on someone elses family tree/web site.

Wii bowling, I won, Man won, I won. I can handle it! LOL

All internet forums are NOT created equal. If they are not well moderated they can get downright snarly. ICK. Grow up people!

Drying your hair outside in the sun and breezes of spring - - a spring delight, that is almost sinful, ohhhh yea!!

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