Friday, April 24, 2009

This 'n That, and a little research humor

Between cleaning, reorganizing and re-loading Tana (and asking WHY do I have this in the RV??)

And between grooming and bathing yorkies (who look soooooo nice, for about 2 minutes, till they get down and run and mess up my precise and nice neat topknots)

And, after doing just a little housecleaning (cannot kill ALL the dustbunnies at one time, now, can I??)

I found these little tidbits last night while I did a bit more research on that Grindinger clan.

Spelling don't count: Given name found indexed: Anela. Given name I was looking for, Anna, given name ON the handwritten census, Anna.

Spelling don't count: Maiden name, Magerl. Found spelled Magro on a death certificate.

And, this, which sends me into some serious giggles every time I read it:

From the November 6, 1947 issue of the Long Beach Independent, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California:

"Whiskey Bottle Thief
Due for Hangover

The thirsty thief who removed a whiskey bottle from the glove compartment of a car owned by Mrs. L. P. Grindinger, 2077 West 19th street, is slated for an awful hangover if he drinks the contents.

Mrs. Grindinger told police that while the bottle was marked with a whiskey label, it contained fluid for the car's hydraulic brakes."

I had my doubts for a while that this was the wife of Lewis Paul Grindinger, initials can be concerning in family research, and downright confusing. I had even typed in my notes, that caution was urged, just in case it was not the same couple.

Till: I searched the California Voting Registration data base at, where I found Louis Paul Grindinger, guard & Mrs. Mary K. Grindinger, timekeeper, 2077 W 19th St. in 1944 and 1946.

Wonder if the thief actually drank that hydraulic fluid?? Excuse me while I go giggle!

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