Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sadly, into all our lives come times of grief, pain, suffering. Someone we dearly care about is horribly hurt in an accident or seriously ill. No one wants to go there, but, well, it happens.

Many of us have experience or have heard of Hospice and it's wonderful work. No words to describe what a help it has been to so many.

Here is another service, that I have had experience with. A dear cousin, Jan, in early March was involved in a very nasty automobile accident. You know the kind that requires jaws of life to get you out of the car.

Her family is large, loving, large, loving, oohhhh, said that. Well, it is, VERY large and VERY loving! She has 6 children, her second husband has 2, from all accounts, they are a wonderful blended family.

The extended family is large as well. Bobby's mother, for example is one of 13 siblings, 10 of those grew to adulthood and had their own families. If I counted right, Bobby has 38 first cousins!

Let me tell you, when one of this group is in need of prayer, prayer is what they get, they really are quite a family.

So, when Jan was hurt, it did not take long for the emails to fly, phones to ring, concerns and expressions of love, prayer, and offered help.

I have no idea where or how they learned of this FREE service, but, they signed up for a blog of sorts at CaringBridge

I have no idea how you get a page started, if it is only offered in certain hospitals, I have no knowledge of the specific details. I do know that Jan and Bobby have had well over 5000, yes, 5000 hits on Jan's CaringBridge page since her accident. And there are over 460 messages left there for them. Powerful, caring messages full of love, quotes from scripture and prayers. Bobby has read many of the messages to Jan.

I hope you never need the service, but bring it to your attention, and yes, they accept donations.

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TennLady said...

It just proves there are some really good NON-SELFISH things on the web.