Saturday, April 18, 2009

And, her name is Tana

She is a 2004 Montana 5th wheel, model 3295. Here she sits in South Carolina last spring.

For the last several years, cept this last winter, we have traveled in the winter months, escaping horrendous heat bills.

Now, that usually means we winterize Tana about November 1st, cart all her freezables to the garage, and sometime in December, we cart all the freezables back out there and pack her up in the frigid temps. Once we start packing freezables out there in those temps we have to keep her heated, so we do the snow storm shuffle, is it gonna snow, is it not gonna snow, is it gonna snow, and even more important HOW much. Packing and escaping between storms is some kind of juggling skill, well, really luck, we are talking the B of all B's, Mother Nature, eh??

But, I regress, or something like that - - - -

Today, in 75 degree temps, we started preparing Tana for the summer season.

I had forgotten the difference in comfort level of packing, cleaning, reorganizing when it is 75 outside, vs 15. Gotta say, it does not hurt as much.

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