Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This 'n That, from Tana on the road

After a very long sitting spell, we are on the road again with Tana, Big Butt, the yorks, the violets, electronic toys, Man and me.

We only have a few days, wish it were longer, but, thankful for ANY days.

After sitting a spell we feel a bit rusty, hooking up, mirrors out, tow haul engaged, this first, this next, this last. Go slow, think, review, go slow, think, review. Will feel less rusty in a day or so.

We are not planning anything, but, believe we may be headed to Fort Wayne (Allen County Public Library, genie research center supreme!). I have not prepared anything special for the visit, but, I do have the ongoing to do list from RootsMagic. Whew. Took a look the other evening and I have a number of things to look at, enough for a day or two. Yea!!

Currently sitting in a campground behind a Wal*Mart. Not IN the Wal*Mart, behind. There is a lot of construction and noise going on over there. Considering the current unemployment here in Michigan, the highest in the nation at 12%, I have decided the noise is music, not annoying. There are people WORKING over there! I am happy for them.

We continue to grieve for the job losses in the auto industry, yesterday it was American Axle that bailed on Michigan. Another hunk of jobs lost, I don't think I want to know the trickle down numbers.

But for now, the sun is shining on Tana and her occupants. Time to do the dishes and get this gang a rollin'.

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