Tuesday, June 13, 2017

West Side of Glacier National Park, the Final Hours

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July    2013

We are in the last hours we will spend in West Glacier National Park.  The light is getting low, it is between 7:45 and 8:30 local time.

We leave the Avalanche Creek area and head back west towards Coram where we are camped. We still have enough daylight that we are stopping at every parking spot we can get into, even taking short walks.

So, that you can appreciate this from a different perspective, I have captured this image from GoogleMaps satellite view.  This was just one of the stops we made on the way home.  You can see the parking lot and a bridge over the river.

Here we can see "downriver", looking in the direction of  West Glacier/Coram.

And, turn 180 degrees and we can see upriver and a beautiful waterfall.

I spin around again. (west view)

West  - -

We travel just a bit down the road, again, westerly, and find another place to pull off, near John's Lake Trail, and look up to see McDonald Fall, where earlier in the day we had watched the kayaker running the falls.

Our very last stop of the day, I was hoping to get a nice sunset photo.  Didn't happen, but, this is not exactly a lousy way to end the day, now, is it??  Lake McDonald at dusk, looking east.

It really was a magical day.


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