Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Running Eagle Falls, Glacier National Park

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July     2013

We have stopped our drive along Two Medicine Road at the Running Eagle Falls area. We are going to be stunned by the uniqueness and beautfy.

The falls are about .3 (one way) of a mile walk/hike from the parking area, it is considered an easy walk, as the elevation gain is only about 15 feet or so.  

The trail starts out like this:

It is a handicap accessible trail.  That said, there is this little foot bridge, which I am going say, is not handicap accessible.  At least, I am not sure I would consider it wheel chair accessible.  Man is over there waiting for me.  

I am, as always lagging behind, taking photos:

The crystal clear water, gorgeous:

And, here are the falls:

I took many photos, ya, I did!  Don't giggle so hard, you know I did!

Looking with the zoom, you can see that the water comes out from in between and under the rock ledge above.  Not sure we have ever seen a waterfall that does not flow over the TOP of the rocks.

No words, just beauty.

And, yes, I found flowers:

One last look at this unusual and beautiful water fall, then, we are off to the next adventure of the afternoon.


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