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West Side Drive to Logan's Pass, The Second Time

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July     2013

After what to me, was a bit of a disappointing ride to Logan's Pass via shuttle, Man cooked up a surprise for me.  Go to the park in the late after noon and drive up there in Jolly. Jolly's size was right at the max.  He is 8 foot wide, not an inch more, not an inch less, the max vehicle allowed width, is, you got it, 8 foot.  Jolly is about 20 to 21 foot long (I thought Jolly was 22 foot, but, Man tells me nope).  Max length allowed between Avalanche Creek and Sun Point (on the east side of Logan's Pass/Glacier/Going to the Sun Road) is, you got it, 21 feet.  After seeing the traffic on the Going to the Sun Road when we went on the shuttle, there is no way we would have considered riding up to Logan's Pass earlier than, ohhhh, 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  But, it was later than that, and the folks/visitors were, for the most part, off the mountain and back in town having a drink and dinner, or naps, or all three.  So, we were off, and I was having a grand time.  I'll tell you that the light was a bit of a challenge, as you will see.  We had some rain, we had clouds, then, sun, then rain, back and forth.  I did get some different photos, that's for sure.

Road surface look a bit shiny??  It was wet.  And, it was dirt, this section of the highway was under construction while we were there.  Wet and dirt = mud, as you will see later.

Blue skies and a peak of the mountain.  Pretty.

Another peak, with more valley below.  That is the Going to the Sun Road at the very bottom center of this photo.  See the cars coming down the mountain?

You can see from the inside corner, there are places Jolly's 8 foot are not going to "stay within the lines".  Carefully, we proceed.

We are past the dirt section of the road, but, remember, we have to come back down. Seems Jolly is going to need a bath.

No blue skies, it was overcast.

Sony and I doing a panoramic. Man taking it all in.  When you can access the pull offs, it is fabulous.  And breathtaking.

Bird Woman Waterfall, thanks to Sony zooming.  The fall is reported at 492 to 560 feet tall.  It was originally named Oberlin Falls.

There is that water fall again.  Some fun reading about the name and history can be found here.

As we drove along, the sun rays cut through the clouds, the affects were amazing, and I have to tell you, Sony and I are gonna let you down.  We could not do this beauty justice. I wish you could see the glorious sites, almost religious in nature.

Yes, the Bird Woman water fall again, nope, I could not stop clicking.

Another panoramic - -

Here I did something different, I turned Sony on end and did a panoramic from the ground up.  Why??  Why not! This is Haystack Falls.

Water falls abound.  Hay Stack falls from a different vantage point.

Yes, it was raining.

More of the sun breaking thru the clouds, streaks of sun light.

Almost to Logan's Pass now, the sun breaks out, or, we break out of the cloud cover. The light is more favorable for photos, and water falls.

Hello, Mr. Mountain Goat - -

Just about at Logan's Pass, yes, waterfalls. (Sorry, I do not know the name.)

Hello, Bighorn Sheet, I think there are 8 in this photo.  Same place as we saw them during our first visit.

And, one stray bird, a crow maybe? Or a raven?  Sony did a nice job on the capture, eh?

We would not spend a lot of time this visit at Logan's Pass, as we still wanted to attempt to squeeze in a hike down around Avalanche Creek.  This ride proved what different weather can be found on the Going to the Sun Road, even in one trip up to Logan's Pass. I would have loved to have beautiful blue skies all the way, since we were able to stop as much as we wanted, but, I'll just have to do with the memories of those rays of sun peaking through the cloud cover.  It was stunning I tell you, stunning.


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