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Two Medicine Lake and Glacier Park Lodge

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July    2013

Before we end this wonderful day trip, we head to Two Medicine Lake.   The views along the way, again, breathtaking.  Yes, I am about out of adjectives.

We stopped at the Two Medicine General Store, I am usually a sucker for photos of mountains with plants of some type in front.  Yep, got me again, taken from the porch area of the store.

Two Medicine Lake.

There are kayak rentals, two boaters enjoying the afternoon.

Reluctantly, we head back towards East Glacier Park Village, enjoying the views every single mile!

At Glacier Park Lodge we find this memorial from 1932, recognizing the long friendship between Canada and America.

The grounds at the lodge were very pretty, daisies of some kind, full bloom.  I note there appear to be some columbine in the far back on the left.

The Red Bus.  You can take the Red Bus all the way to Logan's Pass.  Tours leave from both the west and east side of the park.  The buses were built by the White Motor Company between 1936 and 1939.

And, look at this, Propane powered.

Inside the Glacier Park Lodge.  It is really just too beautiful to capture, so, here is just a glimpse.

As we leave the lodge and head back to camp along US 2, we once again pass some fantastic art.

It's been quite the day.  The following day, the first of August we drove Going to the Sun Road from the east towards Logans' Pass, and took a boat ride at Many Glacier and I took 474 photos, give or take.  It's gonna take some time to review and post the best of the best of 474!  Stay tuned!


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