Saturday, June 17, 2017

Coram to Essex, Montana

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July         2013

We reluctantly leave Coram Montana and head east.  But, we only travel 40 miles to a new campground, near Essex Montana.  This would give us easier access to the east side of Glacier National Park, well, shorter access, 40 miles closer to the East entrance. Considering that we would be in the area for about 1 week, this savings added up.  Time and energy matter.  LOL

We are driving US 2, which would take us all the way to northern Michigan, if we care to take that route - - 

Need some big ole walls of stone - -

We are driving along the Middle Flathead River, it has that tell tale teal glacier melt color. Note the train tracks, later this week we will have some fun with "trains".

Seems I am getting quite good at capturing boaters enjoying the water - - behind trees - -

The evergreens are TALL! Water lovely.  Even the roadway is "pretty" in it's own way.

Believe this area is near Goat Lick, we will visit Goat Lick later in the week.

We have no idea who was in that rig, you may pretend that is Tana if you like, come along, follow us.

Our home base for the next week.  I loved it, quiet, and believe it or not, the mornings were stunning there, there was this foggy morning, I'll show you later.

The day is young, so, we set up Tana, and off we go to explore, next up, Two Medicine, flowers, a spectacular water fall, a bit of a hike, a few bees and lots lots more - -


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