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Heading to Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

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July     2013

After our short drive from Coram to Essex Montana, we had plenty of day left to start visiting the east side of Glacier.   We chose to visit the Two Medicine area.  It was a good choice.  So, off we go, heading east on US 2.

It's hard to believe snow on the mountains, at the end of July.  Man and I are wearing shorts!   LOL

Man and I find it interesting to keep tabs on our altitude.  The two times I did during this day, we were at about 5250 feet and 4900 feet.

The shale look to this hill captured my interest, as do most rock formations.

This was in East Glacier Park Village.  Isn't it stunning?

We headed out of the village on Two Medicine Road, it was a lovely drive.

The road was good, it will eventually pass Lower Two Medicine Lake.

Yes, more snow up there, I am not sure of the name of the mountain.  Nor am I sure if that is snow pack or one of the 20 some glaciers that were left in Glacier in 2013.

Not far past Lower Two Medicine Lake we pull of at the Running Eagle Falls.  These daisy like flowers are a light purple.  You know I had to stop and photograph them a bit.

See the orange and yellow and black blur right between the two flowers?

There, it stopped for a moment to feed.  I don't want to touch or bother it, but, it is fun to try to "stop the action" and capture it with Sony.

We would walk/hike around Running Eagle Falls.  Perhaps one of the most unusual falls we have seen.  We have seen tall ones, wide ones, doubles (2 wide in one space), triples, some with just a trickle of water, and others with massive amounts of water.  But, I don't think we have ever seen one like Running Eagle.  I'll show you soon.


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