Monday, November 12, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Driving Natchez Trace, Day Three

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After two days on the Trace and two stressful parking adventures and some interesting (GULP) U-turns, day three ended up a short driving/distance day.  We started out at the French Camp at Mile marker 180.7.  The camp area was established by Louis LeFleur in 1812, and by 1822 this "stand" had a private school in operation. That school still operates here.

This is the Drane house, moved to the site in 1981, it was built in 1846.  This building is now used by the French Camp Academy.

There are quite a number of other out buildings, some just too picturesque to pass by with the camera.

This is the Margaret Adams Kimball Historical Museum.  It was built by Frances Asbury Allen in 1855 in Montgomery County, and was moved to this site in the fall of 1999.  It was not open when we arrived, don't all of ya laugh too hard now, we were 40 minutes too early, it opened at 10 AM.  I know, unreal for this "gal who does not do mornings!"

Yes, there was a cemetery of sorts on the site (the stones being moved to this locale), they will be on a future post here at Reflections.

Next stop was Cole Creek, and a short walk around the water tupelo/bald cypress swamp.  I found several interesting mushroom/fungi growing here, the photos will be appearing at Flora and Fauna sometime soon.

Back in Jolly we noted some harvesting had been taking place along the Trace road:

We stopped for lunch at the River Bend picnic area, it was a beautiful place to have lunch:

We even had a lunch companion, a great blue heron:

After lunch we decided to get off the road very early and catch our breath and do some laundry and some other mundane everyday chores.  Our drive to the campground crossed the Ross R. Barnett Reservoir.

The campground was lovely, and it turned out to be a great decision to stop:

We have one more day to drive the Natchez Trace, I took over 285 photos the last day.  Nope, I won't bore you with all of them, but, come back soon - -



Kathy Reed said...

I just caught up on several of your blog posts. Your pictures of the Natchez Trace make me want to get into my car and take off. Unfortunately, reality keeps me from doing so. I'll be enjoying your travels along with you.

Also, I like your hair cut.

Liz said...

Great photos. Look forward to seeing what you snapped in my home state, La. :)