Thursday, November 29, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Tabasco, Lots of Tabasco!

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Tabasco sauce, who knew the production and the history could be rather fascinating?  On Avery Island, near New Iberia Louisiana they grow, and brew up the hot stuff.

Every good visitors center must have some charming art showing off the product and the history.

Below, mixing up just a bit of Tabasco.  They do not allow photos in the manufacturing and packing plant, but, suffice it to say, it was rather impressive, they have labels, for example, for 19 non-English speaking languages.  The production lines really move along, all those bottles, spinning and getting labels and being shipped to a store near you!  Tabasco is loved world wide.

Tabasco sauce is aged for 3 years in white oak barrels (that is salt on the top to allow gases to escape but, no ickies like bugs to get into the sauce as it ages, oh and the salt is mined right here.)  The sauce is made from the capsicum frutescens pepper plant.

There is a store nearby which sells more things Tabasco than you will ever, EVER need!  Coffee mugs, chili bowls, ice cream, Tabasco of course, playing cards, jewelry  clothing, lights, you name it, they have cornered the gift items market.  You could easily spend a small fortune and several hours perusing that store!  FUN FUN FUN!

Just outside the store are these two pieces of sculpture.  Take a guess the name of the fish sculpture - - ya, Tabassco.  Snicker.

I will tell you that one of these fun sculptures was also a geo-cache.  Yep, got one in Louisiana!

Our day has just begun, I'll tell you more next time around - - till then - - happy saucing with Tabasco!

* Tobasco is a registered product name. They did not ask us to visit, they gave us a couple of small bottles of sauce to taste, as they did every other visitor who took the tour. That is the disclaimer stuff that law requires I do. SIGH



Barbara Poole said...

Educational information for a non Tabasco lover. Enjoyed the photos you took.

Hummer said...

Love Tabasco Sauce. I agree with Barbara, educational... The fish gave me a laugh.