Thursday, November 8, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Driving Natchez Trace, Day Two

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Even in northern Mississippi there is nice color along the Trace:

We make several stops today on our leisurely ride south on the Trace, one is at the Pharr Burial Mounds.  There are 8 dome shaped mounds on 90 acres at this site, which was built up from about 1 - 200 A.D.  The three mounds in this photo, from left to right, are 18 feet high, 12 feet high and 8 feet high.  This photo does not do justice to the site.

Down the road quite a piece (south of Tupelo) was a long stretch, several miles, where a tornado took down most of the trees in 2011.  It seemed as if that tornado just drove right up the Trace highway, as off in the distance on both sides you could see where no damage had been done.   Mother Nature and her brats never fail to amaze and astound:

We did jump off the Trace at Tupelo and found this bridge on the way into town, like how it says Natchez Trace Parkway on it, wondering, was this done during the WPA days?

We stopped in Tupelo to visit the National Battlefield, we found, no place to park, with this block wide and long site.  Photo shot from Jolly while we waited at the stop light.  The stop was a bit disappointing since we could not get out and walk around, but, we had a nice lunch while in town!

One of our stops on the Trace was at a spot that the old foot trail can still be seen and walked on for a bit.  When you think that thousands of beings, human and otherwise, walked this path for hundreds and hundreds of years, you can almost feel their spirits, it is an awesome experience.  This particular section of the Old Trace reminded us of a stream bed, laying about 4 feet below the rest of the surrounding land.

The day ended around Eupora Mississippi and with a spot (ok, a LOT) of drama with a nasty Uturn and bit of a bump pulling into the campground.  No damage done, whew!  Here is what I said on Facebook about the arrival:

Campground found. I think the gal told Al that they have owned it two months?? She actually came and lead us to it, the signage sucks to be blunt. The directions were no better.

We did a really nasty u turn, the cells would not connect, our cb's are dead, as in, we really need a new set. He was backing out to a 2 lane highway, was doing fine, then did a hard turn and I thought he was gonna put Tana's tires off the side of a 7 foot ditch. I ran and screamed at the top of my lungs, I now have a sore throat, which will be medicated soon. The good news is, Tana did NOT have a need for a tow truck.

He hit a bad soft spot coming into the campground, something made a snarly loud banging noise. We don't think there is any damage.

And, I cannot even begin to explain the electrical hookup he did here. Let's just say, he borrowed from the campsite next to ours.

I think this will be funny at some time, at least I hope so, I know that U turn incident will be inscribed, deeply, in our memory banks.

Glad to be off the road, and reasonably safe, not necessarily sound (as in sound of mind!  LOL).  Tomorrow, another beautiful day on the Trace.

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Jan Kelpe said...

how high was that bridge, evidently Tans fit

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Thank you for taking us along on your trips, Carol! I live vicariously! And having camped in my younger years (though not w/anything quite as long/big as Tana) I can understand what you are getting into. Once, my hubby and I took a much smaller pull trailer over the Gold Camp Road in Colorado. I was map reading at 4 in the morning with two sleeping kids and after no sleep and thought I was getting us on a 'shortcut'. When the sun came up, and us still on the same road, we got soooo many stares from those who knew we shouldn't be there! Hubby had to take the side view mirrors off the truck at one bridge that curved! At least it gave us something to talk about for years!!
And we made it to the family reunion, vehicle, trailer, and us all in one piece.

Randy Fought said...

Nice pictures on the Trace. You should enter your fall foliage pictures in the Natchez Trace Fall Foliage Photo Contest at Fall Foliage Contest. Pictures with the photographer's "ride" are being given special consideration. You could post the picture with your RV in the foreground and fall foliage in the background.