Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday :: Drane Cemetery, French Camp Academy, Natchez Trace, Mississippi

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On the grounds of the French Camp Academy, Mile Marker 180.7, the Drane House is found.  Colonel James Drane built the home in 1846.  The house was moved to this site in 1981.  Their family cemetery was located about 12 miles northwest of the French Camp in a area called New Haven.  In July 1991 the gravestone markers were moved here, the family was not re-interred here.

James Drane
Feb. 24, 1808
Mar 9, 1869
Here, lies an honest man.
(James has a Find A Grave Memorial here.)

Mrs. Matilda B.
Wife of 
James Drane
In Columbia Co, Ga
Mar7, 1813
in Choctaw Co., Miss.
July 27, 1859
(Her Find A Grave memorial shows a verse, here.)

Sarah Ida
Dec 25, 1856
Aug. 13, 1857
Alas How Changed 
Thou Lovely Flower
Which Bloomed And 
Cheered Our Heart.
Fair Fleeting Comforts
Of An Hour, How Soon
Were Called To Part
(The inscription for Sarah Ida Staples was found on her Find A Grave memorial.)

Please see the Find a Grave cemetery listing for this cemetery.  The listing shows the old burial place with new stones AND these older stones that were moved here to the French Camp site.



Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

I'm glad t know that they put new stones up where the burials truly are. There was a cemetery in our county where the stones were moved, the remains left, and then farmed over. However, that tiny cemetery has since been returned to cemetery status.

Beneath Thy Feet said...

Such beautiful old stones. I am glad that they have been saved. A church in my town centre years ago had all the gravestones removed from it's churchyard and skipped!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful old stones,but sad they are no longer with the departed as intended