Monday, November 26, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: New Orleans, A Visit At Night

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We visited New Orleans in the early evening and night, which is of course, a totally different experience than during the day time. It also just so happened that their football team had a huge win just before we got downtown via the trusty shuttle from the campground.  Again, many, many thanks to Google Plus friend Dawn, who really showed us her town as our photo guide.

First a walk along the Mississippi, where we saw these brave souls "doing" NO in a bit of a different way.

Cruise ships depart the harbor frequently, there were two leaving this evening, this one a Carnival cruise:


Walking the streets as it gets darker:

Looks as if someone partied a bit too much??  Or stepped off a curb and twisted an ankle?? Well, probably partied too much and stepped off the curb - - LOL

Below, the Royal Sonesta.  Dawn managed to get us access to the pool area.  I love the lighting, don't you?

Yes, we walked Bourbon Street, dodging those celebrating the win and of course, celebrating whatever else they thought was worthy.

Our stay was short, but, mighty impressive, we packed a lot into one day and one evening.  Many thanks to our photo tour guide, Dawn.  We had a blast!



irisheyes jennifer said...

Beautiful images. I love the image of the street car; it looks as though the street car is still while everything around it has movement. Very cool. The facade of the Monteleone hotel is beautiful.

Barbara Poole said...

Getting around, cleaver idea to take these, it's a good eye of the city.