Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Tip, Be Brave, Search the Surname as a Given Name

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Recently due to some new experiences I have had in my research life, I came up with the idea that I should try to search a surname by inputting it into the given name area of search engines.

Well, my my!

On one such experiment, I did get quite a few hits.  Two new obituaries were found this way, giving some hints and some additions to the data base.

Be brave, think out of the "search" box.  Type that surname in the given name spot.  See what happens.  You might get lucky, you might not, never know till ya try!

This particular search resulted in 1 data base with 668 hits. I'll be busy for a hour or so.

* The disclaimer, the graphic came from a screen capture I did of the search box at Rootsweb.com.   There was no request to review or use this web site.  I did so, because it was quick to access.  Reflections does not make any $$ off my mention of web sites, products, etc. etc. etc.  They own the copy right, I use some of the products, if they are $$ to use, guess who pays that $$, yepper, MAN does!   OK, we do, I do, he does, it comes out of our retirement funds.  LOL

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Lynne Carothers said...

I never thought of trying that! When I get MY computer back and, hopefully, regain my data, I will go to work on that idea for the ones I haven't been able to find.

Thanks - helpful as always.