Thursday, March 8, 2012

THE Trip, Amana Colonies Iowa, Day 3

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July 21, 2011

Our last day in the Amana Colonies area.   I had spotted Lily Lake during our rides around the country side.  We paid a visit and of course, I took a few photos with Sony and the zoom feature.  I highlighted the lillies on my Flora and Fauna blog back in August of 2011.  We then headed over to the village of Amana.  Our first stop was the Visitors Center, which is a restored corn crib (nicest corn crib I have ever had the pleasure of - - )  You can climb up into the very top, lots of interesting mechanical stuff going on up there, where you can also look out windows, and try to shoot photos through the screens in the windows.  You can see the distortion, but, isn't that a pretty view despite the screen?

On the lower levels of the center there are many beautiful displays of local crafts.

Then, we went shopping, stopping at the Amana Woolen Mill first, we managed to keep our wallets safely tucked away, but, it was hard, very very hard!

We also stopped at the Mill Stream Brewing Company, the Amana Meat Shop and Smokehouse, and the Amana General Store (plus several other stores).  Most of these stores found their way into our wallets in exchange for some tasty treats.  It was a nice ending to our visit to the Amana Colonies and we would enjoy the treats for a week or more.

We are on the very last legs of THE Trip, within days the continuing heat would drive us back to SE Michigan quite quickly.

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