Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tables of Five Hundred

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From the October 23, 1921 issue of the Seattle Daily Times, Seattle, King County, Washington:

"Mrs. W. T. Lashbrook entertained Saturday evening with a Halloween party. Tables of Five Hundred were in play, high score being made by Mrs. G. Salzer. Miss Lura Madden gave a number of interpretative dances.  "Barcarolle," "La Tzigone," and "The Scarf Dance." Those present were Miss Marie Freund, Miss Pauline Gaupp, Miss Ruth Tunander, Miss Cleo Madden. Miss Lura Madden, Miss Ada Osborne, Miss Lydia Johnson, Miss Violet Ward, Miss Naomi Ward, Miss Johanna Juneman, Miss Alma Juneman, Miss Ida Seggelke, Mrs. E. W. Easton, Mrs H. Salzer, and Mrs. W. T. Lashbrook.

The game Five Hundred was devised in America shortly before 1900 by the United States Playing Card Company.  It is related to Euchre (which Man LOVES), you can read all about Wikipedia's take on the game.

Mrs. W. T. Lashbrook is Freda B. Salzer, born Dec 20, 1894 in Centralia, Lewis County, Washington, married to Warren Thomas Lashbrook on Aug 22, 1917, at Agate, Lewis County, Washington.  She died on Jul 15, 1982 in Centralia, Lewis County, Washington.  Freda and Warren had no children.

Mrs. G Salzer, who won high score this day of cards was Freda's mother.  Mrs. E. W. Easton is Mabel Rosetta Lashbrook, Warren's sister.  The other ladies names are not represented in my data base.

*  Clip art courtesy of Open ClipArt Library.

** Out of curiosity, I went searching for more information on the dances, in my short/quick search I did not find anything of substance on "Barcarolle," or "La Tzigone."  However, "The Scarf Dance" did lead me to this most interesting dancer of over one century ago, Isadora Duncan.  Seriously, I just never know what I will learn when I start researching a blog post!


PalmsRV said...

I had never heard of the card game Five Hundred. Learn something new every day! There was a movie, Isadora, starring Vanessa Redgrave.

Cathy @ palmsrv

Joan said...

Brought to mind nights of card games when we were first married. I'm not much of a card game person, but enjoyed the parties. Also, loved Isadora Duncan --- gorgeous dancer, but she should not have been wearing scarves whilst riding in sport cars.

Jo Graham said...

LOL - at first glance I thought Mrs Lashbrook was entertaining tables of 500 people!