Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday, John M. Osborn, And the Anti-Nuptual Contract

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During volunteer hours I spend working on book projects for the Lenawee County Family Researchers, I sometimes run across articles that peak my interest, here is one such article, a sorta anti-Wedding Wednesday.

The above article was published in the January 9, 1897 issue of the Michigan Messenger, published in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan:

"Some time ago John M. Osborn, near Hudson, married Sarah Tucker, a domestic in his household; Osborn had been married several times before, and to protect his children he made Sarah Sign an anti-nuptial contract that she should have a very small amount of his property at his death. After Osborn died, the wife brought action to set this agreement aside. Watts, Bean & Smith, of this city, with Fellows & Chandler, of Hudson, for the estate, filed a bill to have the provisions of the agreement operative. Judge Lane decided in favor of Mrs. Osborn, and now the supreme court has reversed the decision, and declared in favor of the estate."

I have not researched any of these people, I do not know anything more than what you see here.  I find em, you enjoy em, and hopefully some day, someone will be able to use them in their research.

*Obviously, I did not digitally clean up this image, all those annoying lines from the microfilm printer.  SIGH

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irisheyes jennifer said...

An 'anti-nuptial'? Now there's one I haven't seen before. Guess he wanted to exercise complete control over her even after he was dead. Glad to read that she tried to have it reversed. I wonder what made the Supreme Court reverse the reversal of Judge Lane. Thanks for sharing this Carol.