Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gene the Carver, a Follow Up

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You remember these posts, right?? About Gene the folk art craftsman that does these wonderful wood carvings??  Here is my first post, Campground Fun, Gulf State Park, and my follow up post, Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, A New Critter Sign .  And, I certainly hope you did not miss this post, Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, Another New Critter, WAYYY Up There.

As I mentioned in that last post, I have been meaning to stop and chat with Gene.  I finally found him home, I had the camera and had a few minutes to stop and chat.  And, I had questions to ask.

First, here is his "workshop", out along one of the hiking/biking trails here in the park:

You can see from this close up, that Gene does in fact get his carvings quite smooth.  He tells me that it is all in the technique and angle of how he holds the saw.  He does put a "finish" on them, if painted he uses an exterior household paint, other wise he uses a clear exterior finish.

And, here is the tool of the trade, a simple chain saw, and it is not all that large, just enough, I hazard to say.

Here is Gene and one of his bears:

Gene calls this folk art (my term), 'chain saw carving'.  He calls his business, "Natures Creatures".  Gene donates the creatures that are here in the park, and does sell some of his creations.  

Man and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know Gene and his lovely wife Avis, I hope you have too. 

*  Disclaimers:  You can reach Gene at this email addy.  I provide the contact information as a service.  As you may have noticed I do not monetize any of my blogs. When I chat about services, products, etc, I use them, good or bad, endorse them, or NOT.  I have not received any $$ to chat about services, products, etc.  Gene is a talented artist, I thought I would give you a way to contact him if you are so interested.  If you do contact him, tell him Carol said "Hi".  All purchases, prices and all that stuff are between you and Gene.  


Lynne Carothers said...

We used to have a chain saw carver not far from our home. He would show his craft at local fairs, etc. I once bought a large bird from him to give to my mother for Mother's Day. I put "Big Bird" on the front passenger seat and put the seat belt around him and took off for my mom's home. I told her that her present was sitting in the car. When she found him, she immediately fell in love with him. He resided in her garden until her death. At that time, he came to live with me and took up residence in my yard. Unfortunately, unbeknownst by me, a colony of carpenter ants also decided to inhabit him. So, he finally gave up the ghost in a great campfire in our yard.

Jo Graham said...

Very cool :-) I'd love one for my garden but the delivery costs would be extortionate!

Carol said...

Yes, Jo, I think the delivery charge would be a bit hefty! LOL

Lynne, what a delightful story, except for that carpenter ants part.

And, to all, stay tuned, Gene placed one more bear in the park AFTER I posted this. This one is really cute!