Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Name Game

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

(First and foremost, many, many thanks to all who played the name game with us, it's been fun!)

At long last after seriously considering ALL the names offered up by friends and readers and all the creative choices we could ourselves dream up, we have decided, the new ride's name is:


AKA, Jolly Green Giant Big Butt 4

Thanks to MOC friends Bob and Mina for the suggestion of Jolly Green Giant, Man loved it!  I added the Big Butt 4, cause, it has a big butt, it has 4 doors, it is 4 wheel drive, it has 4 wheels on the back axle and it is the 4th Big Butt.  (Big Butt was our GMC, Big Butt 2 is owned by Bob and Mina, Big Butt 3 is owned by MOC friends Coleen and Ray and we now own Big Butt 4.)

I have already shortened the entire thing, to simply:


So, we have put some 400 plus miles on Jolly towing, the mileage is what we hoped for considering a new engine, and our weight.

A short report card on Jolly: LOVE the turning radius, we feel like we are driving a car not a long bed truck.

LOVE the radio/sound system.  Never could stand the one in Big Butt it was too soft or too loud, and there were no in between volumes.  Jolly's radio has great volume control and we can turn it up or down from the radio or from the steering column.  Slick.

Seats are more comfy than we thought they might be.  Gotta admit those air conditioned or heated seats are kinda nice.  Who knew?  MMMM, Mina knew.

The cabin is extremely friendly to those of us who spend LOTS of time in these trucks. Creature comforts are real important when you spend hours driving and toting Tana, and they are even more important when we take 12 to 14 hour day trips.  Jolly ranks VERY high on creature comforts and those creature comforts sure were among the major determining factors in the purchase.

The side view towing mirrors, OMG.  Man praises them every time we pass another vehicle on the highway.  He is in LOVE!!

And, then there is the power.  Awesome!  Power and more power and more - - - well you get the drift.

Don't like:  GPS/Map program, lame.  No one we know that has it likes it.  So, we all use external GPS units.

They hid the external temp and compass deep inside the operators dashboard, no longer visible by the passenger.  HUGE NO LIKE on this one.

So, a few no likes and a lot of likes, err, loves.  We have hopes that Jolly will live up to it's new name, and that we shall have a jolly time in the new ride.



Michelle Goodrum said...

Love the name. I am chuckling.

BTW Would love to have air conditioned seats!!!

Karen said...

Nice! Great name, and looks like a great ride!

Hummer said...

Great name. May I say wow good looking vehicle. Looks like the source of many new adventures.

TennLady said...

Its green? It looks gunmetal grey to me. Oh well, what's not to love about a green vehicle. I like the handheld GPS better too.

Carol said...

Thanks Michelle, the A/C seats are a surprise, and yea, I like em! LOL

Thanks Karen, it is a great ride, much better than even hoped for.

Hummer (Fran), thanks, Man thinks it is great looking too!

TennLady (Anne), you better adjust the color settings on your computer! LOL It is called Sagebrush Pearl, it is what I call Army green. LOL Our GPS I suppose could be considered hand held, but, it does not do well on the battery, pretty useless so far that way, could be we are doing something wrong. We will be in the market SOON for a decent handheld for Geo-caching.

Joan said...

And I can say nothing but, HAVE A JOLLY GOOD TIME!

Greta Koehl said...

You will have such good times and big adventures in Jolly!

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

I didn't even know they Made Air conditioned seats! Learn something new every day!!

Love the Suh-weeeeet new ride! That is one very pretty truck.

I'd have a huge no-like with the outside temp buried, too. I like to know!

Have Fun!!