Saturday, March 17, 2012

Man's Hitch Story

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

He just could NOT put this ole dirty, rusty, 9 year old hitch in the new ride with out a bit of clean up.  (OK, a LOT of clean up involving a number of trips to several home improvement stores, hardware stores, parts ordered, followed up by MORE trips to the home improvement stores. Up side of all this, I got a number of lunches out while we ran the errands!)

He starts dismantling the hitch.



The humidity was VERY high, he brought the parts into Tana, peeeyouuuu, paint fumes all night.  The air conditioner and the electric heaters were both running at the same time to keep the interior of Tana dry.  Don't ask, it was his idea, which worked for a while.  The air conditioner did help pull the fumes and stinky air out of Tana tho.  Geesh what we will do to get a job done, eh??

Below, the hitch receiver head, with teflon lube plate.

Now, starts the black paint.

All painted, ready to go to the truck shop for installation.  Man would install the hitch head and the name plate himself later.

It took one 14 hour day at the truck shop (includes drive time of almost 4 hours, close to 2 hours each way), but, here it is, all installed.  Note that tired happy face.  



Michelle Goodrum said...

Good as new! Everybody is happy and breathing much easier now I imagine.

LindaRe said...

Man has the face of accomplishment, hard work paid off.

Joan said...

I always figure our "do it yourself"-type projects cost twice as much as anticipated, and 4x the cost --- but then that's us.

Carol said...

Just to note, he was even happier when we did a test run on the hookup procedure and he discovered he does not need to move anything around. I on the other hand was very distraught to discover I can no longer see the hitch from the drivers seat like I could with Big Butt. We do, however, have a work around. Whew.