Saturday, September 10, 2011

THE Trip, Moab Utah to Salina Utah

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Today's drive was only 162 miles, easy peasy, right??  Well, no, not really.

The day started out with Man informing me that one of Tana's tires had a small slow leak, and, it had to be looked at on the way out of town.  As luck would have it, we drove right by the place, making Man, well, snarly.  We were only a little past it, so, he managed a Ueyyyy  (U turn) with Big Butt and Tana and slowly we inched back into town looking for the tire shop.  Well, RATS, there it is, on the opposite side than I had been looking for the shop.  Man pulled into the center turn lane, and parked.  He walked into the tire shop, they told him to hold right where we were parked.  They moved several vehicles, and then directed us around the back of the store and right to a work station.  Slick!  If we had found the place on the first drive by, we could not have done as well, so, see, sometimes a missed opportunity works out for the best.  It took the tire man  less than one minute to diagnose a faulty valve stem.  Less than 20 minutes later and a few $$ later, we pulled outta there and headed north on 191.

So, the route today was 191 north to I 70.  I 70 west to Salina, Utah.  The landscape was changeable, beautiful.  I took photos all day long, hardly turned the Sony off, I took well over 300 photos driving from Moab to Salina Utah.  Click, click, click.

As we drove along I 70 we passed through an area called the San Rafael Reef. There are several web sites that describe this fascinating area  There is, of course, a Wikipedia page, and then another page here.

There were these pulls, long long long pulls.  The scenery was spectacular, and we sure had no trouble taking it all in, because as we headed up those long pulls Big Butt was in first gear and we slowed down to 21.4 mile per hour.  That is a record low forward speed for us.  And, below, there is the photographic proof.  This actually will be the hardest pull we put Big Butt through, and the slowest uphill speed we will endure during our entire 8.5 months on the road during THE Trip.

Sometime along the way Man asked me "if I blow the engine, can I have a diesel?"  I responded, "yes, you may!"

The scenery extravaganza continues:

The color of a lot of the rock has changed once again, there is not nearly the red, in fact, some of the stone is pretty much beige or white:

Even the texture of the stone has changed, it looks softer, of course, being stone, it is not soft, so, let's say it is more worn in appearance.

I tried, but, just cannot get this all in one post, come on back ya hear??


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Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

OMG! Unbelievable! What amazing beauty!