Monday, September 26, 2011

Rally Time! Desert, Breakfast, More Crafts and Paper Bags

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Remember I mentioned that we were going to an "Amish" dinner.  Yes, it was good, and then some.  I did not take a lot of photos of the food, as, well, I was busy passing the plate to Man and enjoying my dinner.  I did however, take a few of the deserts, like this ice cream sunday, numma numma!

Now, that was dinner, and, can you believe it, by the next morning, we were all hungry again, and so, off to the MOC pancake breakfast we went.  The MOC gals and guys are GREAT cooks, and, no one went away hungry!  More numma numma!

After breakfast there was an indoor yard sale.  Those that had items to sell brought them to the tent, set up their wares on the tables, and sold whatever they could.  Meanwhile the gals were back over in that small tent having one more craft class, this time they are making "altered cookie sheets".  Take a cookie sheet (or pie pan) that is magnetic, decorate, add a ribbon or two and you have a place to hang notes and such.

Below:  I just LOVE this scrapbook paper that several of the gals used to decorate their altered cookie sheets.  I don't have a photo of a totally finished product, there are cute little clear buttons that are glued to a magnet, clothes pins that are decorated and magnetized, and a ribbon to hang the finished magnet/bulletin board from.  This appealed to so many because most of us have no place to hang the grocery list or those tickets to the opera or ball game.  A bit of function, a bit of design, the altered cookie sheet, aka, bulletin board was a huge hit.

The final activity of the day was the Great Goshen Swap, a fancy white elephant type of game.  Bring a gift, wrapped, which you turn over to the hosts, they place each gift in a brown paper bag.

All participating pick a bag and open the gift to display.  Next round, everyone gets the opportunity to keep their gift or exchange it for something you like better.  Watch out tho, because if you don't say, "I'm sorry", you forfeit the exchange.  Oh, yes, some totally forgot the "I'm sorry", which, of course, became fodder for much teasing, laughing, red faces and more teasing!

And, that is how you spend another wet dreary icky weather day at a rally - having fun in spite of it!  We do LOVE our tents!

And, yes, we are getting a tad bit tired of all this liquid sunshine.  Really, enough already!  SIGHHH  (I heard rumors that some MOC members were seriously considering ordering up pontoons for these rigs, that is how much rain we have had.)

Two more official days of the 2011 MOC Fall Rally, Rally on - -

*Sorry bout the change in the title, I was sorta tired last night when I posted this and forgot to finish the title.  LOL  I know you understand!

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